Nautical Bathroom Decorating

I had so much fun decorating this bathroom. It is right off the nursery, so I decided to continue the nautical theme into this space. (If you want to check out the nursery post, click here!) We plan on painting the walls the same color as the nursery ("Natural Grey" from Behr Marquee) but we haven't gotten there yet. Eventually, we are also looking to either installing wainscoting or subway tile to the walls. We've had to put a hold on major projects since Lucas was born.  We are still getting adjusted managing our long lists of projects with a now crawling little boy! 

The first thing that I bought for this bathroom was a blue and white stripped shower curtain from Target.  I felt it went well with our chosen theme and brought in a bit of color to the typical builder grade beige rooms.  It also ties in nicely with the nursery as they are similar to the nursery curtains.

Right above the toilet, we hung this awesome wooden cubby shelf, also from Target (if I find the link, I will update).  I love how the individual compartments allow me keep all of the necessary bath items for Lucas at hand.  I found a couple of cute anchor ceramic containers at HomeGoods where I keep Q-tips and cotton balls.  I brought in some more color with figurines of tropical birds that my parents brought back from the Galapagos a few years ago.  And of course, every baby bathroom has to have a rubber ducky and wash cloths!

On top of the shelf, we hung this beautiful lighthouse night light that my parents gave us for Lucas.  Its soft glow will be appreciated once he's actually able to use the bathroom.

We updated the existing builder grade mirror with a new framed one also from Target.  I love how changing something as simple as the mirror completely changes the feel of a space.  As soon as we removed the original mirror and hung this one, the space felt a lot more updated and inviting.  Now I actually want to hang out in this bathroom!

On the opposite wall I installed three colorful nautical themed hooks. These hooks are made of cast iron, so they are super heavy and durable.  I liked that they are not all of the same color, to keep thinks interesting.  Above them, I hung a whimsical whale painting done by a friend for Lucas that adds a nice additional splash of color to the walls.  

We finished off the space with a rug from At Home and a little wood dolphin stool that we found at Home Goods.  Add a few pretty flowers and some interesting hand towels and we are done! The little touches are what gives the bathroom interest and quirkiness.  

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!  Should we go with wainscoting or subway tile?