Top 6 Amazing ways for using Orange Oil for a Happy Home

A few years ago, my husband introduced me to the many uses of orange oil.  Ever since then, I have been finding new uses for this miracle oil and I am always impressed with the results.  I thought it would be useful to share my experience with you.  Below is a list of my top uses of orange oil around my home.

Sparkling Kitchen Sink 

If you have ever gotten to use a brand new stainless kitchen sink, you soon realized that it will never look like that again.  Scratches, stains, and buildup  from everyday use leave the sink in a dire state.  If you are longing to get your kitchen sink sparkling again, get yourself some orange oil!  About once a week, I give our kitchen sink a deep clean.  I start with using regular old dish soap, in our house, we use Method Dish Soap and give the sink a good scrub.  If it needs extra deep cleaning, I sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes before using some elbow grease to give it a good scrub.  Once I am satisfied, I spray a couple of squirts of orange oil onto a microfiber cloth and wipe the sink down leaving a sparkling clean kitchen sink! 




Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner

Don't you hate it when your shiny stainless steel appliances have fingerprints all over them? Wiping them down with a wet cloth only leaves streaks after drying.  Using orange oil will not only leave your appliances smelling delicious but also sparkling! I first wipe the surfaces down with Method counter spray and then follow up with another microfiber cloth and a few drops of orange oil.  Make sure you follow up with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any excess oil or else you will end up with a film of dust on top of the oil.  You will notice that your appliances will resist fingerprints for a couple of weeks before you need to reapply.





Wood Polish and Protector

Our house is not located directly on the beach, but about 10 minutes away. Even with that distance, our teak furniture that we keep on our front porch takes a beating. The Florida sun doesn't help either!  So every three months, I wipe down all of the surfaces with soapy warm water to get the dirt off.  After letting the wood dry for about an hour, I follow up with orange oil and microfiber cloth to wipe down every inch of the furniture. You could use a clean microfiber cloth to wide down the surfaces to soak up any excess oil, but I leave it on to make sure the wood really soaks up the oil.  The furniture pieces end up looking like new!

Air Freshener

I love to place a few drops of orange oil once I replace the kitchen garbage bag or even the trash cans in the bathroom.  It lasts several days and leaves the room smelling delish!







Natural Indoor Plant Pest Control

Bringing a plant inside and scared of bringing pests in the house?  Keep pests at bay by spraying the plant with orange oil! Mix 25 drops with 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle and shake well.  Spray on plant to discourage yucky pests and done! So easy and not harmful to your plant!





Removing Sticky Surfaces

Don't like the strong smell of stronger sticky surface removers? Coat the area with orange oil and let sit for a couple of seconds.  Wipe off and watch the glue melt away!

Are you a fan of orange oil?  Leave me a comment and share how you use it!